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This is the home page for the project SuperASP, a web-based, on-premise tool that allows on-demand service providers (usually called application service providers or ASPs) the ability to track their customer support requests against a definable timeline of events, such as upgrades, server environment changes, code patches, and server outages. The goal is to create a tool that is highly configurable, where the end user (an organization) controls the definitions of events, the impact level of each event, service levels, and customer support tiers. At the same time, the tool should be able to provide correlations between support requests and significant events, thereby measuring the impact that those events had in the grand scheme of the organization's operations.

The software will be written in Ruby on Rails and use a MySQL database as the data store, although other data store configurations may be possible (I have had some luck with MS SQL Server 2000 and even Oracle 10g). It is platform-independent.

My immediate goals are to finalize the data model for iteration 1, begin prototyping based on that model, and select a deployment mechanism (this is the part with which I am least familiar).

Beyond that, I will also be changing the style of this web page and working on getting a demo server in place.

I am always on the lookout for help, so if you have a little RoR experience (I don't need blackbelts yet) and would like to get some additional experience, please feel free to contact me: mariusagricola AT gmail DOT com

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